Join Houston’s leading women at the 2019 Afternoon Forums on November 7 at Red Oak Ballroom at Norris Conference Centers – City Centre. Designed to share real tips for improving ourselves and our businesses, this day will offer motivation, quantifiable lessons to share at the office, plenty of networking and, of course, a fun experience.

Dana Tyson
Our afternoon kicks off at 1 pm with a motivational jumpstart by Sunny 99.1 Radio’s Dana Tyson. You won’t want to miss this energetic trendsetter’s words of wisdom.

Next, guests will choose 3 of 4 breakout sessions to attend from 2:00-4:45 pm. Move from one session to the next, while mingling with Houston’s top professionals. Equip yourself with the latest trends in marketing and technology, preventive wellness practices, becoming financially powerful and even creating an inclusive culture that strengthens employee and client relations. Not only are these hot topics for female professionals, but the panelists are sought-after industry experts ready to share their experience with you.

2:00-2:45 pm:    Choose 1 of 4 Business Forums

3:00-3:45 pm:    Choose 1 of 4 Business Forums

4:00-4:45 pm:    Choose 1 of 4 Business Forums

Need a break between sessions? Throughout the afternoon the Marketplace Expo will be running with numerous vendors with goodies to start your holiday shopping early or help you find the perfect gift for you. Plus, the Aruba Tourism Authority will be one stop on your must-visit list in the Marketplace Expo.

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The day culminates from 5–6:30 pm with a refreshing social in the Marketplace Expo with food and beverages provided by our host, Norris Conference Centers – City Centre.

Interact with our panelists and fellow attendees as you expand your networking circle. Visit with numerous vendors at the display tables as you shop for yourself and those on your holiday shopping list. Recharge yourself at the Aruba Tourism Authority’s display as you imagine your next trip to this happy island. It’s the perfect way to cap off a day full of great ideas and connections.



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Preventive Wellness Practices

Make Time for Your Wellness Now, Rather than Your Illness Later.

It is shocking to learn that a majority of physicians advise that 70 percent of their patients actually do NOT need to be there! FACT: Illness is often caused by poor nutritional habits and a lack of exercise. Do you want to reduce or eliminate your medications? Can we prevent inflammation in our body, making us less susceptible to disease? We’ve all heard, “You are what you eat” and “Move it or lose it!” Our panelists will engage and inspire women to improve their personalized nutritional habits, consider the value of customized hormone therapy, incorporate exercise into their schedules and truly take an active role in their health! We all have a thumbprint that belongs to just us, so should your nutrition and hormone therapy along with exercise and diet. Want good health, vibrant energy and lasting beauty? Spend the time today to learn how to take control and become the “best you” possible.

Forum Moderator: Mary Grace Landrum, Principal at Landrum & Associates

  • Tammy Sabins, American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) Personal Trainer and Licensed Massage Therapist
  • Deborah Hartman, RN MSN CNM, NAMS Certified Menopause Practitioner (balancing hormones individually), SpectraCell Lab blood testing for nutrition & health support with a focus on the importance on LDN for cancer prevention.
  • Michelle Norris, founder of Paleo f(x)™

Marketing & Technology

After the First Date: Marketing that Dumps Stalking for Dreamy Relationships

A long-standing tenet for marketing is to incorporate the voice of the customer. The Internet, social media and big data along with mobile devices, smart screens and artificial intelligence are all converging like never before. Many business leaders are uncertain how to use these technologies to gain relationships with prospects and clients or brand their company more effectively. As organizations collect vast amounts of customer data, they must intelligently yet carefully use that data to strengthen relationships, without offending or overwhelming their contacts. Market leaders will share emerging strategies and real examples of maximizing tech to create engaging content that converts prospects into fans and sales.

Forum Moderator: Cecilia Rose, MCC, Executive Career Strategist & Business Keynote Speaker, Next Door Strategies, LLC

  • Megan F. Salch, President, Tell Your Tale Marketing & Design
  • Deborah Z. Glick, Manager, WW Marketing for NPI/Omni, Commercial PCs at HP Inc.
  • Anh Nguyen, Digital Marketing Strategist, Amplified Marketing

technology networking

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customer service

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Employee & Client Relations

Creating an Inclusive Culture that Strengthens Employee and Client Relations

The right organizational culture is crucial for success. The American workforce is evolving to include women in industries and positions historically held by men. From a consumer standpoint, women are estimated to make or influence ~85 percent of the purchasing decisions in the home. Additionally, younger generations entering the workforce are bringing unique values that differ drastically from those of past generations.

How can business leaders ensure they’re not missing the qualities that women and younger generations seek like a sense of purpose, empathy and inclusion? These oft-considered feminine qualities are now being embraced at work to create balance and lasting value for employees, clients and the community.

Hear from business leaders who have taken intentional steps toward embracing both masculine and feminine qualities to empower (both women and men) staff, improve employee satisfaction and retention, enhance customer service and impact the bottom line.

Forum Moderator: Samica Knight and Courtney Fischer from KTRK-TV

Becoming Financially Powerful

Do YOU Manage Your Money, or Does IT Manage You?

When you take control of your purse, you are positioned to create your ideal life. Our ideas of money and how to use it to our advantage are concepts many women just aren’t taught in school or at home.

In this experienced-packed panel discussion, professionals from all aspects of money management come together to give you the tools to be in control, and have your money work as hard as you do!

So, decide to say “goodbye” to being controlled and “hello” to financial freedom! You will leave this forum with materials and knowledge you can use immediately to change your relationship with money to ensure financial success and stability!

Forum Moderator: Liz Flint, VP of MFS Mutual Funds, Boston, MA. Liz is a pioneer in finance presentations for women, seen world-wide.

  • Leslea Stock-Lopez, President, Star Group Wealth Management. Leslea has been guiding women to financial independence and lifetime income for over 20 years.
  • Janie Harris, VP, Dignity Memorial. Not planning for the inevitable puts a huge drain on women emotionally and financially. Learn steps to successfully deal with this challenge from Janie.
  • Edmonsia (Moncy) Hawkins, President, FIG Restoration. Moncy will share how credit restoration and repair is critical for every woman’s financial success.
  • Lauren Hicks, Regional VP, Prudential. Lauren believes that protecting the people we love most, and the assets we have acquired is key to taking care of ourselves and our families.

holiday social

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Here is a sneak peek and what you can expect from the 2019 event series.

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